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Dual Tuning for Better Bass 




Inherent to small speakers is an undesirable bump in frequency response of around 3 to 6 dB in the upper bass with the low bass falling off below that, thus they are notorious for poor bass response. We employ a new and unique concept of dual-tuning, which focuses on the driver and the enclosure, resulting in phenomenal and detailed low bass response for a speaker of its size. 




Two types of tuning dominate 95% of the market, sealed box and vented port, each having different advantages and disadvantages. Our new and exclusive technique combines the advantages of both, without the disadvantages of either. 




Unlike other small speakers, where the frequency response in the low bass has dropped down in volume, the wattage creating the undesirable bump in their upper bass is now re-directed into the low bass to bring it up to par in volume. This eliminates the bump and creates flat frequency response throughout the entire bass region, allowing the harmonic structure of music to be reproduced correctly. You hear bass instruments with detail and a tonal quality that spells realism, and are a pleasure to listen to.  




Note in the response curve shown below that the roll-off is precisely 18 dB per octave. This is exactly what it should be for a hybrid between the 12 dB per octave for a sealed box system and the 24 dB per octave for a vented port system.     

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