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Watkins Generation Four Product Updates

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Our Generation Four speaker has been significantly upgraded.


The cabinet/enclosure is now made with REAL CHERRY wood and produced in a natural cherry finish. A superior furniture grade cabinet that is absolutely beautiful, probably the best looking there is!


We upgraded the binding posts to Cardas Silver Plated Copper binding posts for the best connection possible.


We upgraded the internal wiring to Cardas 11 gauge Litz wire for the best signal transfer.


We increased the time alignment by 1 degree to make speakers height and placement more flexible.


We now include with the speakers: Audioquest Silver Plated Copper banana plugs and Cramolin Gold wipes to insure the best connections possible!


Also included is Dunlop Platinum 65 polish and microfiber cloth to preserve and protect the speakers beautiful appearance. 


Now there is NO BRASS, NICKEL PLATING, or GOLD FLASH in the signal path to degrade the sound.


Our objective was to design a high end audiophile speaker using the most articulate and timber correct drivers available from the best manufacturers worldwide AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

And with our experience and knowledge we did that for under $2,500/pair, and was justified by Mr. Olsher's review claiming that "I could recommend these even at $7,000.00 a pair". 


The Introductory price has expired and with the improvements the Generation Fours are now $2,995.00/pair.


Still a incredible buy considering they now look as good as they sound....and all the parts have been upgraded to the best. Our Generation Four is now a first class, no compromise speaker.

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Order yours today, call us at 423-246-3701

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