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Our Goal and Accreditation 




 We've been designing and manufacturing upscale loudspeakers for over forty-eight years, all handcrafted in Tennessee.


Although a small company, we are known world-wide for our patents and innovations. Our speakers have received Editors'

choice awards by both The Absolute Sound (four years in a row!) and Stereophile magazines, the leading magazines in the audio business. We invented the Watkins Dual-Drive Woofer, marketed world-wide by Infinity. It received world-wide acclaim and was decisive in putting Infinity on the map. It had no equal at reproducing low bass in the pre-subwoofer era. We pioneered the first acoustic absorbers for music room treatment, and they were hailed as a breakthrough by the leading magazines. We hold three U.S. patents on loudspeakers, and have authored numerous articles in the leading audio magazines.  Our goal has always been to create speakers with excellent tonal quality, high definition, and extended bass. In short, a speaker that creates a realistic sound stage like that of a live performance. 

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