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Watkins Generation Four


Recipient of The Absolute Sound's 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018 Editors' Choice Awards

and their 2017 Golden Ear Award




With current technology and over forty six years of experience we have finally succeeded in designing a speaker we believe is unexcelled at reproducing pure and


natural sound. The Generation Fours literally open a door to a realistic and believable sound stage of imaging, detail, and natural tonal quality. With good


recordings the speakers simply disappear, and you hear each instrument in its own space with a natural air between them, along with the natural ambience of the


recording site. Our exclusive dual-tuning process allows the lowest note on the bass fiddle to be reproduced at full power and with detail, as well as drums and


other bass instruments. This is unsurpassed for a small speaker of the Generation Four's size, and it gives the music a full-bodied and detailed sound, unlike the


thinner booming sound of other small speakers. This in a bookshelf size, and also at an affordable price. Listening to music on the Generation Fours is a pleasure


you may not have experienced before. Handcrafted in Tennessee.  Click here to read some of our Generation Four Testimonials!






                        (FACTORY DIRECT)                         




                         Generation Four Specifications

Click here to read our latest review in The Absolute Sound's December, 2017 issue

                                          Type:  Two-way dynamic, operating in our exclusive dual-tuned bass mode (patent pending).

                                           Drivers:  One carbon-poly 6.5" woofer-midrange, and one 1" magnesium alloy dome tweeter,
                                           both modified for our purpose to be timbrely accurate and provide pinpoint imaging
                                           in a immersive three dimensional sound stage.

                                          Frequency response: Flat +/- 2 dB from 41 Hz through 20 kHz.  -10 dB points are 30Hz and 28kHz.

                                          Crossover:   A low phase shift 6 dB first order with no inductors or resistors using 11 gauge Cardas
                                          Litz wiring with all connections soldered (no clip-on connectors). Even the internal
                                          component connections are soldered to prevent oxidation and distortion over time.

                                          Phase shift:  Less than 38 degrees with no sharp peaks or dips. Less than 8 degrees shift in the critical
                                          range of 250 through 3,000 Hz. Unequaled overall for a conventional dynamic speaker.

                                          sensitivity:  88 dB at one meter with 1 watt input, 180 degree radiation angle, slightly above average.

                                          impedance:  8 ohms nominal, minimum of 5.3 ohms & maximum of 20. A smooth load on amplifiers.

                                          recommended power:  45-150 Wpc for rooms 120 to 400 square feet, 6-12 watts near-field.

                                          Break-in: 40 hours of music or 20 hours of pink noise played at a reasonable level.

                                          Connectors:  Cardas silver plated solid copper binding posts.

                                          Cabinet:  Made of a variable density non-resonant base with real wood veneering and a  time aligned
                                          solid wood front.  Internally it incorporates our exclusive dual-tuned bass mode technology
                                          providing unprecedented bass extension and control.

                                          Finishes:  Superior furniture grade quality in natural cherry, walnut and black ash. They can can also be special
                                          ordered in  oak, maple, alder, and others. Most are at a small extra cost but allow 2-3 weeks
                                          extra for delivery.        

                                          Stand Height: 26 inches to 32 inches.

                                          Dimensions:  HWD 14 x 8 ½ x 13 ½ inches.

                                          Net weight:  24 lbs. each.  Shipping weight 32 lbs. each.

                                          Warranty:  2 Years.

                                          Price:  Available factory direct allowing for an exceptional value at $2,995.00 a pair with a risk free 30 day
                                          return privilege (terms apply).





Watkins Stereo & Loudspeakers 

1019 East Center Street   

  Kingsport, TN  37660         

(423) 246-3701

* Returns must be undamaged and in original condition in the original packaging with all included accessories. The refund will be for the full amount of the purchase less shipping.

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