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We opened in 1958 at the beginning of Hi-Fi. Over the decades we have seen the "industry" evolve from mono to stereo, to quality Hi-Fi appreciated for its musicality, to loud entertainment, to digital, to home theater, to compressed audio, and finally back again to quality Hi-Fi. Our interest has always been focused on musicality, in both the products that we carefully chose to represent and in advancing and innovating audio technology. Our patents have been used by the leaders of the industry and our background in electronics, math, physics, and as musicians has given us an advantage in designing and manufacturing musically accurate speakers that have been awarded "Editor's Choice" by both The Absolute Sound & Stereophile magazines.

Here are some of our best selling audio systems and products...Call or visit our retail store for unadvertised specials.

Stereo system 1098 (1)
Stereo system 1795 (1)
Stereo system 2995 (3)
Stereo system 4995 (1)
Stereo system 9995 (2)
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