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Why the Generation Fours Sound So Good 




Our exclusive Watkins dual-tuned bass system delivers full power down to 41 Hz with flat, clean and detailed response. Unlike other small speakers, this allows the Generation Fours to reproduce bass response that provides a full-bodied and satisfying sound to the music. 




The cone composition and damping ring in our low-mid frequency driver allows for a uniquely smooth and flat response and peak-free roll-off in the high end. This allows instruments and voices to be reproduced with correct and natural tonal accuracy. 




With our first-order crossover design, the impedance does not fall below 6.7 ohms from 20 through 8,000 Hz, or below 5.3 ohms above that. The benefit here, along with a higher than average 88 dB sensitivity is an easy load for an amplifier. This can make a given amplifier sound better, and monster amplifiers with high wattage are not needed. A 60 watt per channel amplifier is quite adequate in the average size listening room. The 5.3 Ohm minimum impedance also allows tube amplifiers to operate a cleaner mode. 




The smooth roll-off of both our low-mid frequency driver and tweeter is due to eliminating the usual need for crossover inductors with their inherent distortion and undesirable reactive load on amplifiers. Thus there are no sharp peaks and dips in either impedance or phase like that found in other crossover designs. Even very expensive speaker systems are not in the same league with the unsurpassed low value of reactance of the Generation Four's phase response (compare this with any speaker on the market today). The benefit from this low inductance load allows amplifiers to reproduce transients more accurately, resulting in music that's better defined, clean, and without harshness.        




Another major factor to the Generation Four's clean and natural sound is our exclusive custom-damped tweeter. All tweeters have a high-frequency resonance that distorts and colors the sound. Our special damping process eliminates this unwanted resonance completely. This is another factor in allowing the entire musical spectrum to be reproduced with natural, clean, and uncolored sound.  Click here for details. 

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